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We love when things are clean!

As the seasons change, we tend to make our homes ready for them, and all the events they involve!

If you're like most people, you are about to, or already have cleaned your house from top to bottom, washed the windows and walls, and probably even did a bit of re-arranging, too. But, what about those floors?

After rearranging furniture, many people notice a difference between the floor that had previously been protected from foot traffic (because there was a couch over it), and the areas that were not protected. Mud, Snow, rain, pets and other parts of life tend to grind dirt into the fibers of our carpets, or into the microscopic pores of stone, tile, concrete or wood, and once there, it can be incredibly difficult remove, especially when the difference is severe.

If you have noticed an odor that just won't go away, no matter how hard you clean it - whether it's from a high pet traffic area (like where your litter box sits) or an old food stain that soaked deeply into the couch - rather than simply give up and buy a replacement (or sacrifice your security deposit), why not let us put our decades of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning experience to work for you!

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Our company

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services (PCCS) began over 25 years ago (back in 1992) when founder, Scott Bazemore, recognized a need by local Richmond businesses for professional cleaning services. After a very short time, Scott's clients began asking for the same, high-quality cleaning services for their homes, and PCCS changed focus from industrial and corporate, only, to business and residential services.

"I believe that if you treat people like people, and do what is right, success naturally follows"

Scott Bazemore

How we keep costs low

In the beginning, we had a choice. We could buy cheap equipment and have to keep replacing it over time, or we could buy industry-leading equipment that was upgradable, and maintain it. While it was a bit more costly at the start to buy the better equipment, those costs have long since been covered!

The net result is a lower cost, which allows us to pass those savings to you!

Trust is earned

At our core, PCCS is a family business. And like a family, we believe that trust is earned.

Through hard work, attention to detail, and our philosophy of treating our clients like personal friends, we hope to earn your business now, and for many years to come!


Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you offer business services?

PCCS began by offering professional carpet and upholstery cleaning to local businesses. While we've expanded to include residential needs, and have expanded our service offerings beyond just floors, we are still proud to serve our business clients on an as-needed, or recurring basis.

Give us a call today and see just how affordable it can be to keep your shop "ship shape!"
2Do you perform work in rental properties?

Whether you need us to come in and clean up after a tenant moves out, or you are a tenant who wants to save as much of the security deposit as possible, we offer prompt, professional service, that won't break your budget!
3How do your prices compare?
As no two homes are the same, prices depend greatly on your home.

However, to better address the question, if we were to clean the carpets in your typical, empty, ~1,000 square foot Richmond town home with a hallway, dining room, living area, and two bedrooms (unless you have some very specific needs) you will spend less than $200.

Chart showing the average shop cost to provide services

Our prices are lower than most competitor's costs!

As you can see from the image above, according to Homewyse, our prices are roughly 30% less than our competitors costs!
4Can you clean my furniture and floors before I move in?
Yes, almost certainly!

When moving into a new home, one of the first things people want to do is make sure their carpets, drapes, and furniture has been professionally cleaned.

Whether you have carpets, tile, hardwood floors, or upholstery, ensuring the trapped dust, dirt, stains, and pollen of the past are gone, lets you focus on a clean, fresh start!
5Isn't it cheaper to DIY?
While it might seem that way, when you account for equipment rental, purchase of cleaning solution, and consider the amount of time it will take, our rates are almost always, much LESS than doing it yourself (plus, you can use that time for other things!)

DIY Carpet Cleaning Calculator

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