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    Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

    By now, we're aware that professional carpet cleaning will get rid of stains, and refresh your home. But many of our clients are surprised to discover there are other reasons to regularly get their carpets cleaned. So, let's jump right in and explore a few of the lesser-known, but equally important, reasons.

    #1 - Extends Life
    Perhaps the most overlooked reason to get your carpets professionally cleaned is that it can help extend the life of your carpets. It's not hard to believe, if you simply consider two things: Gravity, and human nature. Gravity ensures that everything in your home will eventually end up on the floor. Whether that be dust, skin cells, or that glass of red wine from Thanksgiving. These soak deep into your carpet and into the padding, leaving a breeding ground for stains, odors, and bacteria. Over time, these areas can be weakened and start to shed it's fibers, leaving the option of patching, or replacing.

    Professional carpet cleaning helps to prevent this, thus extending the time you need between new carpet replacement!

    #2 Cuts down on odors
    What's smell got to do with it? A lot, actually! Odors in the home frequently originate in the carpet, or padding - an area most home-rental cleaners just aren't great at cleaning. With home odors ranking as one of the most noticeable, and embarrassing issues among homeowners, this is a GREAT reason to maintain your carpets with regular appointments!

    #3 Do it for the children
    Okay, we know this looks like a bit of a low blow, but considering the sensitivity of a child's respiratory and immune systems (possibly because they're closer to the source of trapped allergens?), compared to an adult's, it's no surprise a great number of our clients are parents of children with allergies. In fact, many parents of children with asthma are directed to regularly having their carpets professionally cleaned, in order to improve the air quality. (possibly because they're closer to the source of trapped allergens?)
    #4 A penny saved is a penny earned
    Looking at Demographic data in Richmond, a whole lot of folks rent, these days. With a rental comes a security deposit, and one of the best ways to ensure you recover as much of it as possible (we know about that party, and sadly, we don't remove footprints from the ceiling), is to make sure the place smells nice, and the carpets look good! Professional carpet cleaning will only cost a few dollars more than a DIY machine, but the price is nearly the same, and as video after video have shown, the professional service always outperforms!

    Are there more reasons? You bet!
    Join us as we explore them, in detail, in the coming months, or follow us on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information and specials!

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